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Growing up all I wanted to do was draw. Tattooing never became something I was interested in up until I turned 23. Tattooing became my passion when I decided to take up the challenge. I’m a self taught artist, I didn’t get any help learning, I was also struggling financially so I wasn’t able to afford an apprenticeship. I did whatever I could to learn the craft and became in love with it. Finding tattooing became something I could not live without. Being able to put my craft on people forever not only that seeing my clients happy is what I love the most about the job.I appreciate all the clients I receive, I appreciate you all!!



By booking a tattoo you are agreeing to the following:

  1. I will not be high or drunk the day of the tattoo session

  2. I’m not pregnant and i’m able to get tattooed

  3. I don’t take any medication that prevents me from getting a tattoo

  4. I am aware of the pain during the session

  5. I am aware that I will be experiencing minor bleeding during the session

  6. I am 18 years or older to get a tattoo

These rules are to protect me and you (the client) from any kind of harm regarding getting a tattoo done. If, on the day of your tattoo, you are not in compliance with the above you will not be able to get tattooed and will have to reschedule your appointment.

Once the form is all set, you will be contacted to further discuss the session.

All bookings require a $60 dollar deposit. All pieces are a flat rate. The price will be determined once we are all set speaking further about the session.

Thanks for submitting!